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The founding of Heizer Gas started with a small, individual company in the mid-1960s called "A.P Scaldabagni". The small company started out building gas storage water heaters deep in the heart of Milan, Northern Italy.

Despite the financial difficulties of the period, which included unfavourable interest rates and high inflation, A.P Scaldabagni managed to carve out a small place for itself. After settling into the national landscape of gas storage and electric storage water heaters, this would lead to a first move to places not so distant, however much bigger.

In 1972, the move happened and Heizer Gas settled into its new home at Bollate, a small industrial centre near Milan. Finally, thanks to the extra space, production, marketing and selling under the new name of "Heizer Gas" was able to begin. The change over from an artisan business to a commercial business had begun!

Another important date in the history of Gas is 1995; which is when the move to the present headquarters in Garbagnate Milanese took place.

In the meantime, through intuition, Heizer Gas was able to see the growth potential of floor-standing commercial water heaters, focusing most of its efforts and investing on such a niche product like the commercial water heater.

The last few years have seen Heizer Gas expand its range even more, adding a new calorifiers and buffer tanks catalogue. In addition, Heizer Gas has reached an agreement with a well-known Japanese company for the exclusive distribution of a dynamic line of instant, Hi-tech, professional-use gas water heaters to many European and extra-European countries.

Here is Advanced Water Companies available spares lists for Heizer Gas Water Heaters and Unvented Hot Water Systems:

We have more cylinder spares lists incoming, so if you don't see the cylinder you need, please check back! Alternatively, you can contact us at our Office, as we will be able to source other Heizer Gas spare parts not listed here.