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A water meter is a device used to measure the volume of water passing into the property. Within the UK almost all properties will be fitted with a water meter and some even using a secondary water meter at point of use to determine exactly how much water a specific appliance uses.

There are several different type of water meter depending on what flow is required, the measurement method and your accuracy requirements. To help with your selection of please find below a brief description of some of the water meters we offer at Advanced Water Company Ltd.

A Single Jet Water Meter come in classifications of A & B and use a Turbine with very few paddles, as the water flow passes through the turbine the water is measured.

A Multi Jet Water Meter works in the same fashion as Single Jet meters but measure more accurately due to using multi paddles to measure. Due to their increased accuracy these fall into categories C & D

A Volumetric Water Meter works by using a chamber which rotates on its axis giving a volumetric amount of water each rotation. With good accuracy they fall in to categories C & D

Woltman water meters are more commonly used in commercial applications due to their size, Woltman meters start at around 2” in size. They use a Turbine to calculate the volumetric flow of the water. Woltman water meter are classified as categories A & B.

Water Meters offered from Advanced Water Company are secondary water meters. Secondary water meters are generally used on a property where the incoming mains would be split between two or more users, most commonly used by landlords or if water is being monitored as part of an energy efficiency scheme. Primary water meters are supplied by the water authorities within the UK.

Should you require any further assistance when selecting your water meter please contact our technical sales team who should be able to help with your enquiry.

At advanced water we list the following manufacturers water meters, please follow one of the links below to see the range.