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A Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve is a very important control for protection against over temperature and over pressure in a hot water cylinder. These are seen as a back-up safety measure for Pressurised Water Heaters.

Most consumers will take for granted the operation of a Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve (T&P Valve) and believe “out of sight, out of mind” , this is potentially lethal if you take into consideration the functionality of a Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve and also the consequences if they are not correctly maintained. Manufacturers of Pressurised Water Heaters will advise that all safety control devices including Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves should be annually maintained and serviced.

A Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve will protect your system to set limitations, normally a Temperature of 90-95 DegC and then a pre-set pressure, the pressure of the valve will be determined by the capabilities of the Water Heater and the sequence of Valves Preceding the Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve.

If a Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve should fail for any reason your system should not be used until you have the correct replacement in place, under no circumstances should this valve be replaced with an alternative valve with different settings unless the manufacturer of the Water Heater has given full consent.

The Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve should be installed at the top of the Water Heater and should have the temperature probe submerged into approximately six inches of water. Failure to install this valve in the correct manor can leave you with a ticking time bomb, numerous cases of devastation have been recorded probably the most famous being Star Elementary School in Oklahoma where an incorrectly installed Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve failed to operate and the 85 Gallon Water Heater exploded destroying the cafeteria killing six people and injuring a further 33.

If you are uncertain as to which valve you should be fitting on your Water Heater please do not hesitate to contact our technical sales team who can assist you with your enquiry.

As we offer Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves from many manufacturers please find below some useful links which may help to identify yours.

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