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Hot Water Cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders are a common item in almost all domestic properties within the UK, whether you have a standard Hot Water Tank, a Thermal Store or the more up to date Unvented Hot Water Cylinder you will more than likely have some form of storage water heater in your property.

As with most forms of storage hot water heater you will be required to control the water flow and temperature to ensure that the water provided at point of use is safe for all to use. At Advanced Water we are proud to be recognised as a market leader in this industry and can provide not only the complete Hot Water Cylinders but all the spares that accompany them.

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A standard hot water tank is usually referred to as a 36x18 as this is the physical dimensions and is what will be found in most UK properties. This Hot Water Tank will be generally of a copper construction with foam lagging to minimise heat loss, these are generally found in the airing cupboard of the property and either heated directly by an immersion heater or indirectly by a coil from you boiler. If heated by a boiler this would be classed as an Indirect Hot Water Tank.

Thermal Store Cylinders
A Thermal Store Cylinder will generally be constructed with copper and have foam lagging to minimise heat loss, however we are seeing more and more Stainless Steel Thermal Store Cylinders coming on the market. With a Stainless Steel construction the heat loss is reduced and the lifespan of the product is expected to be a lot longer. A thermal store cylinder can work in either a direct or indirect manor; this is determined by the type of system you are using to supply the heat source. Within the hot water tank sits a store of water which will be heated by the boiler and then in turn heats a coil in which the mains hot water passes through. Once the water has passed though the coil it flows into a thermostatic mixing valve to provide safe hot water to the property.

Unvented Cylinders
Unvented Hot Water Cylinders were introduced over 10 years ago to the domestic market within the UK, with the Megaflo being widely regarded as the market leader in this field many engineers will refer to an Unvented Hot Water tank as a “Megaflo”. Constructed from Stainless Steel and using control valves to provide mains hot water up to approximately 3.5 bar the Unvented Hot Water Cylinder was an instant success. The Unvented Cylinder meant that properties could install such devices as Power Showers and have the required amount of water to get maximum performance from these items. With up to 25 years warranty and very few working components to go wrong it is a simple way of getting near mains pressure at your hot taps.

Solar Hot Water Cylinders
With the introduction of Solar Hot Water Tanks we now have a wide choice of options as to which hot water tank to fit, and with solar energy being free it makes sense to think of this as an option if you are upgrading your Hot Water Tank.

For more information on the Hot Water Cylinders we can supply please contact our technical sales team.

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