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Santon Industrial Immersion Heaters
A leading manufacturer of Industrial Immersion Heaters, Santon supplies various lengths of elements for use in commercial and industrial environments. There are models for the heating of water, oil and other solutions. No matter what the application, Santon has the answer.

There is a wide range of heavy-duty immersion heaters manufactured by Santon, suitable for both commercial and industrial environments. Elements can be constructed from Suplerloy or Titanium, making sure that all water conditions are catered for. All Santon Industrial Water Heaters come with a full covered 12 month guarantee.

A wide range of different fixing methods, from 2 1/4" BSP heads to flange fixings, enable Santon Industrial Water Heaters to covered many different installations. The immersion heaters are also available with power loadings from 2.0 kW to 54 kW. Applications can include car wash machines, industrial calorifiers and swimming pool heaters. Santon recommend, when selecting a required immersion heater, using the longest element that will fit into the vessel being heated. This ensures that heat dissipation is maximised and keeps the watts density of the element to minimum, which prolongs the life of the element.

Great care needs to be taken when selecting an immersion heater for oil and full details on the oil type, viscosity, etc. should be obtained from the oil manufacturer. Advice should be sought as to the most suitable watts density output rating permissible with the oil. For the majority of applications the electrical loading per unit surface area of the immersed heating element is important and a special range designed for use in oil is required. If the correct rating is not used rapid breakdown of the immersion heater can occur with serious consequences to the industrial process concerned.

Santon Industrial Immersion Heaters are characterised by the ability to withstand arduous working conditions. Therefore, they are supplied with terminal enclosures to suit. Particularly, the 'M' and 'L' range immersion heaters are manufactured with covers that are in accordance with IP65. All thermostat pockets are made from Superloy.