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Heatrae Sadia


Heatrae Sadia Immersion Heaters

Heatrae Sadia immersion heaters follow the quality and reliability Heatrae Sadia is known for. Heatrae Sadia offers a wide range of different immersion heaters for many different applications. This ensures there is a solution available for every requirement.

All Heatrae Sadia immersion heaters are fitted with a single RDT combined thermostat and re-settable safety cut-out to provide further protection against over boiling, making the unit comply with the BE ES 60335-2-73 standard.

Heatrae Sadia offers a variety of different lengths from 11" through to 36". The range also covers applications that requiring both horizontal and vertical immersion heater mounting. Further options include a range of three different sheath materials, including Copper, Superloy and Titanium.

Heatrae Sadia manufactures a range of long life Titanium immersion heaters that sets a new standard for operational longevity. The Heatrae Sadia Titanium Immersion Heater can withdraw even the hardest or most aggressive water conditions and still maintain a maximised life span. 

  • Titanium Immersion Heaters

With Titanium Immersion Heaters able to withstand the most aggressive corrosion, for situations where a middle ground is needed, the Heatrae Sadia Superloy Immersion Heater is the perfect choice. The unit sits in between copper and titanium in terms of corrosion resistance, providing an immersion heater that can withstand aggressive water areas while also maintaining a most cost effective solution. It utilises a strong Superloy 800 material. 

  • Superloy Immersion Heaters

Gold Dot
The Heatrae Sadia Gold Dot immersion heater is suitable for normal water areas. It can be used as the sole heat source of a cylinder or used in association with an indirect heating coil. The immersion heater is copper sheathed, meaning it is only suitable for normal water areas. 

  • Gold Dot Immersion Heaters

The Heatrae Sadia Maxistore Immersion Heater is recommended for use in conjunction with off-peak tariffs, offering savings in electricity bills. The unit is a low watts density immersion heater, meaning low noise and longer life spans. To compliment this, the immersion heater is sheathed with a Superloy 825 nickel alloy material to give it a high amount of corrosion resistance.

  • Maxistore Immersion Heaters