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Heatrae Sadia


Welcome to our range of Heatrae Sadia Direct, Indirect and Solar Hot Water Cylinders.

Heatrae Sadia are one of the market-leaders in electric heating and hot water products and their award-winning innovative product the Megaflo Eco combines high performance with optimum efficiency.

With energy prices on the rise and the use of hot water higher than ever before, coupled with the ever increase environmental concerns, an efficient water heating solution must be deployed. Hot water is now both a necessity and a pleasure. A balance must be struck between performance and reliability, along with economy and responsibility. The Megaflo Eco Domestic Unvented Hot Water Cylinder uses advanced technology to achieve this balance. Megaflo Eco is a widely regarded name, as the leader in unvented domestic water heating.

Megaflo ECO

Here at Advanced Water Company, we can supply a variety of different specifications of Megaflo Eco unvented hot water cylinders. From Indirect to Direct, you can be sure to find the best cylinder to fit your desired application.

Megaflo Eco unvented hot water cylinders will provide unparalleled hot water performance and comfort from the moment of installations. Megaflo Eco cylinders come with a life time warranty package as standard. This ensures the user is provided with the most comprehensive cover. The Even when the property is sold, the Megaflo Eco warranty and cover is reduced to a long thirty years.

Premier Plus

The Heatrae Sadia Premier Plus Unvented Hot Water Cylinder is the new Hot Water Cylinder from Heatrae Sadia. Formerly the Santon Premier Plus, Heatrae Sadia has incorporated it into their roster of efficient cylinders known for the exceptional quality and long-life guarantee. The cylinder is manufactured from high grade, high standard Duplex stainless steel, giving the unit it's remarkably high corrosion resistance and its long-life expectancy.

It is suitable for new builds and refurbishment schemes for domestic and commercial applications. PremierPlus has been designed with features that benefit specifiers, installers and end users. These benefits, combined with a 30-year Cylinder Guarantee, make PremierPlus exceptional value for money.