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BritTherm Circulation Pumps


The UK’s Premium Quality, Low Cost Heating Circulators.

BritTherm is a Gas Safe registered London based company who design all their high quality and cost-effective products specifically for use by UK engineers.

They design their products in the UK and manufacturer their products using only the highest quality of materials. Making them a great low-cost but still premium quality alternative to other well-known pumps on the market. They also offer several products with differing speed settings to meet your needs and the needs of the system.

What are Circulating Pumps (Circulators)?

Central Heating Pumps (or Circulators) are vital in heating systems because they’re what keeps the water moving. If they break down the hot water in the system effectively can’t be transported to the parts where it’s needed. Whether it’s internal or external, the Central Heating Pump gets hot water to the radiators, hot water storage units, underfloor heating manifolds, towel rails etc. dependent on the type of system installed.

Here’s a list of some of the issues that can occur in a Heating Pump:

  • The Pump motor can fail
  • The impeller can get stuck or damaged
  • Dirt can build up in the system and cause the pump to fail
  • Air locks can occur stopping the Pump from working properly
  • Incorrect installation can cause several issues
  • Incorrect speed settings being selected
  • Loss of power due to faulty wiring
  • Leaks can occur over time or due to incorrect installation

If any of these issues have occurred in your system, then it may be time to upgrade you heating pump. The BritTherm range will surely have a low-cost premium quality product to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can BritTherm™ Pumps be installed both horizontally and vertically?
A. Yes, providing the motor isn’t facing directly up or down, it must be level

Q. Are BritTherm™ Pumps ErP compliant?
A. Yes, they also offer one of the longest guarantees on the UK market as reliability is one of their top priorities.