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Zip Water Heaters Product Page

Zip Heaters are known as one of the leading name in water heating throughout the UK, with heritage going back over 60 years they have become a well established name in the industry. Throughout the years the industry has seen Zip Heaters introduce a lot of new and innovative products ensuring that today’s hot water is available to the user safely and efficiently.

The Zip Heaters timeline can be summarised by some on the major milestones within the company’s history.
1947 Saw the introduction of low pressure water heaters and boilers.
1975 Saw Zip Heaters successfully patent the Boiling Water Unit.
2001 Zip Heaters introduced the HydroTap, This unit can provide both Boiling and Chilled Water Instantaneously with a small undersink application, this product was reinvented in 2004 giving us the HydroTap MK2 which they still manufacture today.

At Advanced Water we are proud to be recognised as a stockist of Zip Heaters products and Spare Parts. To give an insight into the products available from Advanced Water and Zip Heaters we have given brief descriptions below.

Famous for their production of hot water boiling kettles Zip Heaters offer a range of different types suitable for domestic and commercial applications offering anywhere between 1.5 Litres and 40 Litres of Boiling Water. Water Kettles available from Zip Heaters are also available in stainless steel making them acceptable for use in a commercial kitchen.

Zip Heaters offer range of Oversink Point of Use Water heaters, these wall mounted water heaters can supply one or two basins via a specially designed spout. The Zip Heaters range include the Contract and Tudor Oversink Water heaters offering stored hot water of either 5 or 10 Litres.

The Zip Heaters Inline Instantaneous Water Heater provides instantaneous hot water to a number of outlets, working by heating cold water as is passes through the units coil it is suitable for one of the 2 million properties within the UK where gas mains is not installed. Available in 6.6, 8.8 or 12Kw power ratings this can be used in a domestic property.

Zip Heater also offer many more ranges of water heaters including Unvented Oversink or Undersink Water Heaters, Open Vented Wall hung Heaters and many more which can be obtained from Advanced Water Company Ltd. To help navigation around the Advanced Water Website we have provided some useful links below.