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Redring Product Page

For over 30 years Redring have been developing products for heating and control of hot water. With the continued development of new products and technologies has seen Redring move into what they call ‘Carbolite’ Low carbon products. The Redring range include Solar Thermal Collectors, Ground and air-source heat-pumps.

At Advanced Water we are proud to be able to offer both Redring products and Redring spare parts in its product profile. To help with your selection of Redring product we have listed below some of the most common products and a brief description of their function.

Redring EW and MW Range Water Heaters are small storage water heaters which are available in either undersink or oversink options. With a 3kw heating element and sizes of 10 or 15 litres the Redring EW & MW range are suitable for all applications where near mains water is required in small amounts. This item is suitable for a small extension, kitchen or even an en-suite bathroom and is covered by the Redring 1 year warranty.

The Redring Flatback Water Heater is a stored water heater ranging in size from 25 Litres up to 100 Litres, as an open vented unit theres is no need for control valves to be fitted to the Redring Flatback. This unit is suitable for any application from a kitchen through to a small property. Being a wall hung unit the Redring Flatback remains compact and can be easily installed in many locations, this is suited to many properties included over 2 million properties in the UK where gas mains are not connected as thermal transfer is supplied by electricity.

The Redring SB Range are wall hung Boiling Water Kettles, ranging from 2.5 Litres up to 25 Litres the Redring SB can supply from 125 to 250 cups of boiling water per hour. Useful in commercial properties the Redring SB will supply boiling water when required, this eliminates the need to wait for a boiling kettle. Available as the Redring SB and SB Professional you can have the unit finished in white or stainless steel depending on your requirements and the area where it is being fitted. The SB Range connect to a 13 am plug making installation simple.

Redring also offer products such as the Redring Powerstream Instantaneous, the WS7 Point of Use and many more. Should you require any further assistance in choosing the Redring product that best suits your needs then please contact our technical sales team.

We have listed below some useful links to help you navigate to the Redring product you require.