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OSO Hot Water

OSO Hot Water is a developer and manufacturer of Unvented Hot Water Heaters. The last 70 years have seen OSO Hot Water lead the way in the development of water heaters, making their products some of the most durable, stable, environmentally friendly and affordable stainless steel hot water cylinders in Europe. OSO Hot Water was even the first manufacture to mass produce affordable stainless steel water heaters.

OSO Hot Water's reputation started to gain weight in the 1950's when their specially designed water heaters revolutionized the industry by being twice as efficient per litre and this saving half the space with an energy economic saving of more than 50%.

Developed during the following 20 years of business, OSO Hot Water's branch of storage hot water heaters became a huge success, adding to the their already influential reputation.

Oso Hot Water's advanced knowledge and experience in welding technologies resulted in OSO becoming the first manufacturer to mass-produce water heaters constructed from stainless steel. The advanced material allowed them to save a substantial amount of resources through weight reduction and a considerably increased lifetime.

OSO Hot Water Super Series Hot Water Cylinder
The OSO Hot Water Super Series unvented hot water cylinder was launched in 2006. The hot water cylinder introduced a completely new and modern design, covering both the factory fitted valve components and cylinder with superior insulation, offering efficient insulation and lower heat loss. Its success resulted in the Super Series becoming OSO Hot Water's flagship hot water cylinder for future growth in many exported. This includes the UK, where OSO is among the leading suppliers.

OSO Hot Water Mini RM5 Stainless Steel Unvented Cylinder
The OSO Hot Water Mini RM5 Stainless Steel cylinder is a compact unvented cylinder suitable for point of use applications. The OSO MINI RM5 incorporates a 3kW element and has a capacity of 5 Litres. The MINIRM5 heats from cold in less than 6 minutes, and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. A vertical mounting bracket is incorporated in the outer casing and a wall mounting bracket is supplied with each cylinder.