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Gledhill are widely regarded as being at the forefront of the revolution in the provision of domestic heating and hot water that has taken place over the past few years. With the demands for powerful yet efficient systems increasing due to the number of multi bathroom homes increasing Gledhill have developed a range of systems capable of meeting these requirements, incorporating almost all heat sources within their range.

Gledhill operate from 15 strategically located regional manufacturing units developing copper products. These locations are placed due to customer demands and allow Gledhill to manufacture with no minimum quantity orders and no delivery charges for one off units.

At Advanced Water Company we are proud to be able to offer Gledhill products to our customers; along with the products we offer a full spares catalogue for Gledhill Water Heaters. Below you can find a brief description of some of the products available from Advanced Water Company.

Gledhill Stainless Lite Unvented Cylinders are available in Direct, Indirect and Solar forms. This means that whatever your heat source there is a Gledhill Lite Unvented Cylinder which will suit your needs. The Direct model generates heat from internal immersion heaters and only requires electricity to generate hot water.

The Indirect Stainless Lite can be heated via the coil which is usually connected to a domestic boiler. With the back-up of an immersion heater if hot water is needed quicker or the boiler is not supplying the heat source. Solar units work in the same way as the indirect units but have an additional coil which is connected to the solar system; sunlight generates heat via collectors and gives free hot water to your property.

At Advanced Water we are proud to be able to offer spare parts for a large back catalogue of Gledhill Water Heaters. With over 10 years of back catalogues we have generated one of the largest databases containing all the information you would require to find the spare part you need.

Product Ranges
For more information on the Gledhill products available from Advanced Water please contact our technical sales team. Below we have supplied some useful links to products and spare parts available direct from our website.