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With more than 50 years’ experience, Fabdec have been at the forefront of the stainless-steel production and are constantly creating new and innovative ways to stay at the top of their field.

Fabdec started trading back in 1960 in Ellsemere and were true pioneers and innovators within the dairy industry. Since then they have subsequently diversified their business to remain current and relevant.

In the 1980’s, Fabdec were at the forefront of the plumbing & heating industry as they were the first to develop the domestic Unvented Hot Water Heating Cylinder. This creation has helped to shape the Unvented industry and over recent years the Unvented Cylinder has become increasingly popular due to cost and availability.

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Back in 2015, Fabdec realised that the market was changing. They knew the Unvented Cylinder was becoming increasingly more popular, however the cost, space and time to install and service these units was high. They have now taken their innovation further with the introduction of 3S Technology, the patented revolution in unvented water heating.

The use of an internal air gap cylinder has been one of the ways manufacturers over the years have used as a solution to this problem. This incorporated the expansion vessel within the casing of the cylinder itself, more recently by arranging for a volume of air to be provided above the water level inside of the cylinder. Air however was absorbed quickly by the water, so this requires a lot of maintenance at a cost to the customer.

The ‘Self-Sustaining System’ 3S Technology replenishes the internal expansion device permanently meaning no need for recharging. This patented device is the latest development in expansion technology. The convenience of the internal expansion device is provided without having to service and recharge.

Advanced Water Company is proud to list the Excelsior i and spares within their stock profile along with exclusive training by the Manufacturer, our technical sales team will be able to help with any queries.