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Dimplex are a brand leader in Space and Water Heating, Hosting a portfolio of over 400 products the largest in the world. Dimplex offer commercial, domestic and renewable energy products within their range.

With nearly 60 years heritage Dimplex have stayed at the forefront of design and innovation due to having their own design team working to continuously increase the product range. Based in Southampton Dimplex now employ over 250 office staff and field engineers within the UK alone. Dimplex are a subsidiary of the Glen Dimplex Group consisting of over 40 companies in the world and employing over 8500 staff worldwide.

At Advanced Water we are proud to be able to offer products from the Dimplex range. To help decide what Dimplex product is best for your application we have given some brief descriptions below on the products we offer from their range.

Dimplex offer the SCX Range of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders, offered in both Direct and Indirect forms there is a SCX Cylinder suitable for your property. With the Direct working from electricity alone it is suitable for a property where an indirect heat source from a boiler is not available. The SCX Indirect can be connected to a boiler for its heat source but has an immersion heater as a back-up. Available in sizes ranging from 80 Litres up to 305 Litres there is a SCX Cylinder suitable for almost every domestic property within the UK.

Dimplex offer a range of stored water heaters including Hand Wash Units, Flatback Water Heaters, Boiling Water Kettles and more. Dimplex also offer an Instantaneous Water Heater, with a 9.5kw power rating it is suitable for domestic properties where there are no gas mains and instantaneous hot water is required. The Dimplex Inline can be used to supply hot water to two outlets, this makes it suitable for En-Suite Bathrooms where hot water is required for a basin tap and a mixer shower. The Dimplex SUTP Wall Hung Water Heater ranges in size from 30 to 75 Litres making it suitable for a Bedsit or Commercial Kitchen where hot water is required.

Advanced Water also offer spare parts for Dimplex Hot Water Cylinders, with a back catalogue of over 10 years we can offer comprehensive breakdowns on all Dimplex Hot Water Cylinders. For assistance in choosing the Dimplex product which is right for you we have provided some useful links below. Should you require any further assistance please contact our technical sales team.