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Albion Water Heaters

Albion Water Heaters

Albion Water Heaters is part of the Kingspan Group and a major part of the Kingspan Renewable Division. As a specialist in the industry Albion Water Heaters offer many different products from unvented to vented and manufactured in materials such as stainless steel and high grade steel.
With Albion Water Heaters consistent quality made possible by being a BSI registered firm and with all sites licensed to British Standards Quality Assurance BS EN ISO 9001:2000 you can rest assured that your Albion Water Heater will cover all your hot water needs for many years to come.

Albion Water Heaters supply many different type of Hot Water Cylinder from Domestic Unvented Cylinders to Commercial Calorifiers and are continually developing more efficient ways to generate domestic and commercial hot water.

At Advanced Water we offer many products from Albion Water Heaters and have provided some information below to help you chose which is correct for you.

Albion Mainsflow Thermal Store

The Albion Water Heaters Mainsflow Model is a domestic Thermal Store Cylinder. This offers near mains pressure hot water controlled by a thermostatic mixing valve, which makes it safe to use at around 42°C with all the risks of legionella removed. With many different variations, the Mainsflow can be tailored to suit your requirements. It can be installed as a combination unit, incorporating its own header tank or as a cylinder only with the requirement of a header tank in the loft. The Mainsflow can also be supplied as a Direct or Indirect model; this means it is suitable for use with nearly all domestic boilers and heating systems

Albion Ultrasteel Stainless Steel Unvented Cylinder

The Albion Water Heaters Ultrasteel is an Unvented Cylinder offering Mains Pressurised stored water, suitable for premises where hot water supply is required for a large number of outlets or for powerful appliances such as power showers. Available in either Direct or Indirect, you can heat the cylinder by either electricity only via immersion heaters or indirectly from a boiler. The Albion Ultrasteel Made from stainless steel and with a 25 year warranty. The Ultrasteel is a great option for anybody looking to upgrade their existing hot water system.

Albion Water Heaters also offer a Solar Version of their Ultrasteel, this is supplied with an additional coil so heat can be captured free of charge from sunlight through the solar coil and for back up you have a secondary coil which supplies heat from the boiler. Again with a stainless steel construction and the 25 year tank guarantee anyone looking for a more Eco way to heat their stored water should look no further than the Ultrasteel Solar.

At Advanced Water Company we are privileged to have the exclusive right to distribute Albion Water Heater product spares, as we have over 10 years of experience in the industry our staff are knowledgeable in this market and help to identify problems with your system.

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