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At Advanced Water we carry a large stock of water heaters including models from some of the largest names in hot water such as Stiebel Eltron, Heatrae Sadia, Redring, Hyco Manufacturing and many more. Within our range of water heaters you will find Unvented, Open Vented, Instantaneous, Boiling Water Heaters any many more variations of.

An Electric Water Heater takes electricity and converts it into heat to generate hot water to supply applications such as Hand Basins, Showers and Boiling Water Kettles. Water Heaters offer either a store of hot water ready which is pre-heated and to be used at the application or instantaneous heat which is available almost immediately on call off.

A Stored water heater can be almost any size ranging from as little as 1 litre up to and beyond 100 litres depending on the application it is to be used for. The Water Heater will use a heating element which can range from 1.5kw ensuring it is suitable for domestic properties. With a small Stored Water Heater it is designed to be kept as close as possible to the outlet to ensure minimal heat loss.

An Instantaneous Water Heater will generally work with a larger heating element and provide hot water immediately at point of use. Instantaneous Water Heaters operate with an element of around 9kw to be used in a domestic property and up to and beyond 24kw for commercial applications.

Boiling water heaters can also be used to provide boiling water for catering applications, with a boiling water heater they will hold a store of water to provide enough water to fill a desired amount of cups or litres. With a boiling water heater you have the comfort of readily boiled water for making beverages and will commonly be found in commercial applications.

Water heaters can be either open vented or unvented, depending on the nature of the application you may also be required to use specific taps with certain water heaters. With Unvented water heaters you will require controls valves, dependent on the application you will need some form of control on this type of device. For more information follow the link below for water heater accessories

To assist you with your choice of water heater we provided links below to all of the manufacturers which we supply. If you an unable to find the water heater which meets you requirements please contact our technical sales team

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